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Don't sell due to NY DFS and the BitLicense proposal... Hodl. Show Lawsky and the banks that Bitcoin cannot be stopped... with or without regulation.

The price of Bitcoin is a direct reflection of investor confidence in this technology and the future expectation of its success. If the price continues to fall due to NYC over-regulating it, more and more people will view Bitcoin as not being a legitimate currency. We prove the nay-sayers right when the price is volatile. We hurt self-employed miners (the backbone of this economy) with diminishing returns. We hurt small business and innovation by basically "giving up." Think back to why you invested in this technology. Those reasons are still alive. Want to feel more confident and see how history is repeating itself? Watch YouTube speeches from Bruce Fenton, Rickard Falkvinge, or anything by Andreas Antonopoulos. Anyone expecting a quick return in this disruptive technology needs to rethink their strategy. We won't go to the moon if we give up now. More importantly, we won't get the attention of the mainstream media if the price does not get high enough. Money talks, and if the price stays steady in the wake of all this turbulence caused by regulation, the media will wake up and take Bitcoin even more seriously, thus perpetuating its success. There is so much innovation happening right now, and the smartest minds in the world are contributing, even leaving "dream jobs" to risk it all on Bitcoin. That should tell you something too. So, wait it out for at least a year. Better yet, 3-5 years. This won't happen overnight. I bought in when we were in the 800's and have continued ever since. Haven't seen a profit yet, but I am more confident in Bitcoin than anything I have ever invested in... but it's going to take time to fight these well-established deep-pocketed industries and "old timers" in charge. It will happen. Buy more and Hodl. Lawsky and others will see that they can't keep a good thing down. Nothing is more powerful than an idea who's time has come... and nothing gets more headlines than the price - so don't panic sell. If you've been involved long enough, you'll get familiar with these price swings. It's the long term that trend that should be your guide.
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Rick Falkvinge “Bitcoin will be Bigger than the Oil Industry “ #Bitcoin2014- Feat. Presentation: Digital Rights by Rickard Falkvinge Rick Falkvinge, Christel Dahlskjær, and Arne Schwabe of PIA talk Bitcoin Communities Rick Falkvinge: The Network Effect of Bitcoin Legacy (BTC) is precisely zero Features Ether Price Climbing Quietly / Bitcoin Cash Debacle / Bitconnect Epix / The Falkvinge -Vitalik Drama

If almost everybody doesn’t want to buy bitcoin for the next hour, the price is whatever someone will accept. This is the same as a stock price – it’s only linked to supply and demand at a given point in time, not how much money has actually been put into a stock. Rick Falkvinge. 2011-05-29. This is true. My description is somewhat simplified. Still, if people want to trade $60B of value ... Coindesk's price index broke $3,000 today, June 11 2017. In both these cases, people basically said I was mad, even though I made no secret of going all-in into bitcoin — I’m not the “haha, I got rich five years ago with my secret method” type of person. Rather, I announced to the entire world that I was going all in, and being very specific about my reasons, giving anybody who wanted ... Bitcoin Revolution is a trading technology software that was created in 2017 by a group of knowledgeable brokers in the Bitcoin industry. The trading technology system claims to perform trades 0,01 seconds faster than its competitors due to the signals released from the crypto market trends. Bitcoin: It's not just loopy tulip land, it's worse. Bitcoin's erratic value and irrational cheer squad of speculators are proof this digital currency is unlikely to ever be workable for everyday ... Rickard Falkvinge, founder of the first Pirate Party, went even further, claiming that Bitcoin will change society more than the internet itself. "The net, after all, only allowed people to talk ...

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Rick Falkvinge “Bitcoin will be Bigger than the Oil Industry “

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